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SJU, a clothing wholesaler, was preparing its sales budget for the first quarter of 20×8. Actual and forecast sales are as follows Budgeted sales Month November (actual) $700,000 December (actual) $900,000 January February March $810,000 $990,000 $940,000 Fifty-five percent of sales are cash. The remaining 45% is collected in the following month. Accounts receivable at the beginning of 20×8 are $405,000 (45% of December sales of $900,000) Use this information to answer the questions that follow. This question will require the use of Excel to prepare a schedule of sales and cash collections. Leave this area blank. Proceed to the next block to respond to the first question What is the amount of cash that will be collected in January, 20×8? Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar. Do not enter dollar signs or commas Answer: 364500 Check

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