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question the following equity investment related transactions werecompleted by kindl 4283013


the following equity investment-related transactions werecompleted by Kindle Company in 2014:

Jan. 12 Purchased 1,400 shares of Baxter Company for a price of$57.75 per share plus a brokerage commission of $350.

Apr. 10 Received a quarterly dividend of $0.70 per share on theBaxter Company investment.

June 3 Sold 900 shares for a price of $52 per share less abrokerage commission of $200.

Journalize the entries for these transactions. In yourcomputations, round per share amounts to two decimal places. Ifrequired, round the final answers to the nearest dollar

Jan. 12 – Purchase

Apr. 10 – Dividend

June 3 – Sale


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