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question the trial balance of a duck ponds inc at december 31 20xx and the data need 4289694


the trial balance of a. duck ponds inc at December 31 20xx, and the data needed for the year-end adjustments follow. ( round all results to the nearest whole dollar amount).

a. accrued salary expense at December 31 $460

EDCORRE nancial Meeting Practition 20 points The trial balance of a decisions, Inc, at December 31, 2000, and the data needed for the yearend adjustments Round as results to the nearest while aller amount) 2. Accrued salary expense at December 31A, $40 PentsInc December Debt Credit Preparent 11 Accumulated depreciation 1830 counted depreciation Aiminated depreciation Accounts payable Sean Payable The earned revenue, customer 150,000 Both player 520 Retained earnings. 500 10 IO Depreciation opens furniture Supplies spens Eas been response

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