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question the trial balance of arden school district general fund is as follows arden 4289697


The trial balance of Arden School District General Fund is as follows ARDEN SCHOOL DISTRICT GENERAL FUND Trial Balance December 31, 2006 Debit Credit Cash 5 47,250 11,300 30,000 1 1,450 Short-term investments Taxes receivable delinquent Inventory of supplies Vouchers payable 20,200 950 2,800 11,450 59,400 7,000 Payable to Internal Service Fund Fund balance reserved for encumbrances Fund balance reserved for inventory of supplies Unreserved and undesignated fund balance Budgetary fund balance Estimated revenues Appropriations 1,007,000 Estimated other financing uses Revenues 985,000 15,000 1,008,200 Expenditures 990,200 10,000 2,800 $2,110,000 Other financing uses Encumbrances Totals $2,110,000 Instructions a. Prepare the following financial statements for Arden School District General Fund for the vear ended December 31. 2006 BALANCESHEET

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