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ville File Edit Edit ory Bookmarks People Window Help Secure htt yplus. com/edugen/shared assignment/test/qreport uninde quest3134079entrance18partid parto& Wed 206 Exercise 206 Attempt 1 of 1 Go Aut answer is correct. Qu Compute year. the cost to be assigned to ending inventory for each of the methods indicated given the following information about purchases and sales during the January 1 Beginning Inventory 100 items o $7 $700 1 Purchases May 400 items o $8 3,200 Total Available 500 items $3,900 Total Sales 360 items December 31 Ending Inventory 140 Sho Cost assigned on an average cost basis 1092 St Cost assigned on a FIFO basis 1120 rre Costs assigned on a LIFO basis ok: 12 1020 Student did not submit Show Work for this attempt SCORE 15.0 Maximum Point Potential: 15 Points Earned: Instructor did not annotate Show


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