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see the web site for this book to read about the whitmann price consulting case for 4270395

See the Web site for this book to read about the Whitmann Price Consulting case for this chapter. The following questions concern this Web case.

Discussion Questions

1. Compare and contrast the benefits and shortcomings of notebook PCs and handheld PCs in accessing information on the road.

2. If Josh and Sandra are able to provide a solution that meets all of the requirements, how might it impact the effectiveness and efficiency of Whitmann Price?

3. Why is it important for Josh and Sandra to build a list of requirements through interviews with stakeholders?

Critical Thinking Questions

1. The six business units of Whitmann Price have some needs for this new system in common and others that are unique. Do you think it will be possible to satisfy all of them with one solution? What are the possibilities for customizing a solution that meets all the requirements?

2. Why might Whitmann Price prefer one common device for all business units rather than unique devices for each unit?

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