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the funtimes miniature golf and driving range inc opened on may 1 these selected eve 4268973

The Funtimes Miniature Golf and Driving Range, Inc. opened on May 1. These selected events and transactions occurred during May:

May 1 Issued common shares for $126,770 cash.

4 Purchased Henry’s Golf Land for $280,100. The price consists of land $132,850; building $101,690; and equipment $45,560. Paid cash of $104,620 and signed a mortgage payable for the balance.

4 Paid $2,300 for a one-year insurance policy; coverage commences next month.

5 Advertised the opening of the driving range and miniature golf course, paying advertising expenses of $2,150.

6 Purchased golf clubs and other equipment for $9,170 from Titleist Corporation on credit.

18 Received $9,080 from customers for golf fees earned.

20 Paid dividends of $810 to shareholders.

21 Paid Titleist Corporation in full for equipment purchased on May 6.

22 Received $1,360 from a school board that paid for students’ golf lessons that will be given in June.

29 Paid $880 of interest on the mortgage payable.

29 Paid salaries of $3,670.

Journalize the May transactions.

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