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The owners of The Big Grape (TBG) are looking to expand their business’ offerings in 2020 and

beyond. Their management team have asked you to prepare a report for the Board of Directors on

the financial health of the business from 2016-2019 and provide advice on the opportunities for

future expansion.

Over past years, key areas of concern to the Board have been working capital management

and liquidity with a strategic focus on return to shareholders. Now the Board is looking further

forward. The management team hopes that your analysis will show that the business is

healthy and has the financial resources – or possible access to them – to expand their


You may not have all the information to complete a full analysis so you will need to include in your

report the information you need and why – the management team is expecting this.

You have been given the:

? Financial ratios downloaded from the organisation’s financial reporting system

? Company information – background, vision, strategy

This information is found on the following pages.


In formal or business report format, you must address the following:

? your assessment of the financial health of the organisation from 2016 to 2019 and the

opportunities for future growth. This would include an explanation of the ratios or other

data you are using to support your analysis.

? any additional information that you need to complete your analysis that may not have

been provided.

? an explanation of at least 3 (but not limited to) recommendations – relating to areas of

strategic focus – that the management team can take to the owners to ensure the

future success of the business (see following pages).

You should use the ratios you have reviewed in lecture and tutorial notes and activities to help

you organise your analysis.

Your report is to be submitted through Turnitin. Please refer to the Faculty assessment

regulations for more information. A marking guide is available on MyWAI under the

assessment information tab.

You may also refer to the Faculty of Higher Education Glossary to check on the format of a

Business Report or to the LRC information pages that explain the format for a formal report.

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