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visit one of those stores sometimes this week for example a retailer like walmart or 4294571

Visit one of those stores sometimes this week(for example, a retailer like Walmart or Costco) and observe the general physical layout of the store and its operations. Post your impressions of what makes this store a low cost provider. In addition, post the following table with your explanations.

Make a table with 4 columns and 5 rows. Look around the store for five different items and list each of them on one of the rows in column 1. In column two, list the price of each item. In column three, provide an estimate of what you think the item cost to produce and distribute to the location of the store you visited. In column 4, calculate the difference between the price and estimated costs.

Below the table, explain why you think there are differences between the profit margins for each product. Think about the elasticity of each product, the level of competition, and other concepts you have learned through your readings and research.

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